Quickly build
No programming required, quickly create online conference venues, and support rich custom configurations.
Easy operation
The backend supports the review of all user-created content, provides digital reports, and guides operation optimization.
Resource precipitation
Enterprise resources and participant resources will be deposited in the private space, and the platform provides convenient secondary marketing tools.
Cloud venue
Custom configuration
The organizer can customize the sorting, display, multi-language name, etc. of the section.
Convenient access
Participants enter the online venue by scanning the QR code or accessing the link.
Multi-device adaptation
Supports a variety of devices, and can be used perfectly on a variety of terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.
Multi-account login
Support WeChat account, mobile phone number, email, Google account.
Digital ticketing
Custom form
In addition to the basic information such as name and contact information, the form items can be customized by the sponsor.
Mobile payment
Support WeChat, mobile browser, PC and other scenarios of ticket payment.
Quick check in
Audiences scan code quickly and sign in, and support gates and other sign-in devices.
Export data
One-key export of sign-in data.
Digital exhibition
Exhibitors settle in independently
Exhibitors submit application for participation, the organizer shall review.
Channel statistics
Distribute different invitation codes to exhibitors in different channels to monitor channel effects.
Business match
Intelligently match visitors and exhibitors, and support communication through inquiries, appointments and other methods.
Behavior analysis
The organizer can check the interaction record between the audience and the exhibitors, and fully control the trend of the venue.
Conference live
Remote connection
Support live streaming of online meeting tools such as ZOOM/Tencent Meeting/Webex.
Multilingual channel
Simultaneous interpreting audio in different languages is pushed into different channels, and audiences can switch freely.
AI subtitles
Using RTS ultra-low latency technology, supports real-time synchronized subtitles in 100+ languages.
Real-time interaction
Audiences can send real-time comments with one-click translation.
Online negotiation
Scheduling management
The organizer sets a schedule, and the negotiation parties communicate within the specified time period.
Application mechanism
The interviewer initiates an appointment application, and the appointment schedule is created after the other party agrees.
Multiple negotiation methods
Support ZOOM/Tencent Meeting/self-developed FutureTalk and offline negotiation rooms.
Smart translation
Use AI intelligent translation function to solve language problems in cross-border negotiations.
Cross-border communication
Multilingual interface
Automatically match the interface language according to the user language, and support manual switching.
One-click translation
Translate most of the text content into the user's current language.
Overseas account login
100+ country/region mobile phone login, while providing email and Google account login.
Global CDN
No blind area coverage in the whole region, intelligent node scheduling, providing stable and fast network access experience.
Digital marketing
Customer deposits
By holding online events, exhibitors and visitors will be precipitated into private resources of the organizer.
Accurate investment
Through user portraits and big data analysis, the organizer can accurately screen customers from different dimensions and conduct differentiated marketing.
SMS & email notifications
Support importing existing customer or external customer resources, sending custom SMS and email.
Export data
Support the export of private customer resources for use as a marketing scenario outside the platform such as call centers.
Data report
Interactive data
Statistics on the interactive behavior of visitors and exhibitors, the effect of business matching is clear.
Top ranking
Multi-dimensional statistics such as region, category, industry, etc., to grasp the hot spots of the event.
User portrait
Generate group pictures of the audience in the event according to user behavior, reflecting the common interests of participants.
Visual chart
Say goodbye to monotonous numbers, and beautiful charts make data reports intuitive and beautiful.